What to Do With Your First Sticker? Here Are 3 Useful Tips You Can Do!

by Jenny Fan

You must already know what stickers are, right? Yes, stickers are a type of label, can be in a form of sheet of printed paper, plastic, and vinyl, or some other useful material with an adhesive on one side. They can be used for decoration or other functional purposes, depending on the situation.  

One of the purposes of its use is for promotion. Are you currently planning to do some marketing or promoting something? You might want to consider using decals, why? It is because of its price that is extremely affordable and easy to make. Not only for business-related activities but also if you are about to decorate your favourite items, you can also use stickers. You can print stickers at your nearest professor sticker printing. 

If you are still confused about what to do with your sticker other than mentioned, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss some tips for using stickers that will be useful for you. Read it to the end! 

1. Use The Sticker On The Product Packaging  

The sticker that you want to make, can be used on your product packaging. Why is that? Because stickers are highly configurable and made to your preferences. In the products that you make, you can put your brand information, ingredients/composition, and other product details that you want. After that, you can easily attach it to your product packaging. Most consumer goods companies do this because of their small manufacturing costs and durable types of stickers. 

2. Use It As An Additional Decoration. 

If you sell something like earrings, bracelets, books, clothes, scarves, or even pots, you can include additional stickers in it as a nice decoration. This is to add an aesthetic value so that your consumers are more excited to open the product. The use of this concept is not limited to small businesses that produce goods, but also to service businesses. You can be as creative as possible to produce a nice and unique decorative sticker. 

3. Use It As A Sticker Collection Game For Discounts. 

This last thing is very interesting for you to do, so you need to read carefully. So, let’s assume your product is ready for sale, before you make a sale, you also include every purchase of x items, and the buyer is entitled to a certain sticker. This sticker is a set of stickers that must be collected by consumers to become a whole one complete sticker, which can be exchanged for discounts to your product, or even get the products for free. 

With these tips, consumers will collect these stickers every time they make a purchase. That way, will also increase engagement with your consumers because they don’t just buy your product, but also actively participate in the games you provide. 

With many types of stickers, you can also choose according to your needs. Plus, in today’s era, you only need to type in certain keywords on your smartphone, and you will get ideas for making stickers. So what are you waiting for? Let’s make your sticker now, good luck!

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