Top 7 Tips You Can Do With Your X Banner

by Jenny Fan

If you are looking for a way to make a good x banner, then you are in the right place. There are some tips on making an x ​​banner that will help you, read to the end. 

1. Make It Stand Out 

In making the x banner, you are using a pretty good amount of space there, so make sure you make it nice. There are many ways you can create an x ​​banner that stands out from competitors, for example, by making the product or service you offer a competitive advantage. This competitive advantage is the core of your business. Therefore, make sure you present a product or service that has a market cap.  

2. Put Key Information 

Use the key information on the x banner that you created. This information contains what you offer to your prospective customers, including what advantages you want to convey so that your product is worth buying. You can use the points/bullets format on it. 

3. Pick Your Suitable Layout 

This goes along with selecting the existing key information, it is recommended that you use a centered layout. You can put other components such as the design theme on the edge or around your banner. It is recommended that you use a longitudinal layout that focuses on the center that contains your core information. 

4. Use a Good Portion of Words 

When you know what you want to convey on your x banner, make sure you use sentences that are not too long. Sentences that are too long will make the reading process take longer and the information is not fully conveyed. Plus, the attention span of today’s people is relatively low, so it will be ineffective if you keep sentences that are too long. Make sure your sentence per point is no more than ten words. 

5. Put a Good Portion of a Picture or Image 

When you are planning to design an x ​​banner, you have to consider how much space you will use for key information, as well as how much of it you will use as a place for information images or other designs. This is because a good proportion of information will affect how it is perceived by your audience. Therefore, don’t put too much information in the form of words, nor too many pictures. Use a balanced proportion of both. 

6. Use a Color Scheme 

The color combination cannot be denied that it greatly affects the final result itself. You can use a single color scheme or multiple colors, but what you need to pay attention to is how you mix and match the colors. Avoid using colors that are flashy or vibrant at the same time. 

7. Put Nearby Your Booth 

This is no less important, of course, you need to put the x banner near your booth. People will find it easier if they want to ask about the products or services you offer. Besides that, it will also increase your engagement with potential customers. So, make sure you have a place that is not only strategic but also you optimizes the use of existing space. 

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