Pull Up Banner Design for Indoor Advertising

by Jenny Fan

What better cheap alternative there is than the pull up banner for indoor promotions? It is a promotional tool that is very easy to make for everyone. What you have to do is simply design and print it. Even though it is simple, the two steps for creating a pull up banner are very important, especially the design. 

Here are some things you have to remember as you design your pull up banner. 

1. Logo 

The logo of your brand or company is very important to be included in the design of your pull up banner. It shows your identity and lets the reader of your banner know who you are. With your logo placed on the design of your banner, you can also increase brand awareness. This is very important if you want to win the market and gain more customer trust. 

The best placement for your logo in the design of your pull up banner is on the very top, around the average people’s eye level so that they can easily spot it when they see your banner. 

2. Layout and Flow 

The content of your banner needs to have a good flow that is determined by how well you can arrange the layout. Remember that people read from left to right and starting from the top to the bottom. As people go down your pull up banner, they tend to lose focus or interest. So, it is crucial to place the most important information on the upper part of the banner so that they get to be the first things people read. If people give up halfway, you can be sure that the most important information is already read. Maintaining a good flow of the banner also means ensuring that people can understand the content of your banner without them getting confused. Your banner needs to have a nice continuity from each end of point or paragraph to the new one so that people can form up coherent information in their head. 

3. Images 

Of course, inserting images or pictures into the design of your pull up banner is good. Although, make sure that you find a picture of high quality, meaning that it has a resolution of at least 300 dpi to make sure that it won’t get pixelated or stretched once the banner gets printed. 

4. Colors 

A pull up banner needs to be attractive. So, you should pick colors that are light and bright so that it can stand out among the crowd and easily catches the attention of anyone who passes by. 

Other than the pick of the colors for the banner itself, you also have to pay attention to the color processing that you use for designing your banner. Since you will print with CMYK colors, it is best to design your banner in CMYK colors as well to ensure accurate color production. If you design in RGB and print in CMYK, the result most likely will show some inaccuracies that you surely don’t want. If you wish to find out more you can visit www.professorprint.com.

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