Pop-up Designs For Your Website

by Hannah Tam

We know. You may hate this type of advertisement because it is kind of intrusive and maybe violent somethings. You will probably have seen them a hundred or even a thousand times while surfing the net and you will only hate them for being an interruption on the article you are reading, but there is a reality and pop-up designs on webpages seem to have done the trick: you stop everything you do and look at them (at least for a while, until your close the ad).   

If you would like to include them on your website and would like for them to be more persuasive than annoying, these are some tips to consider before you start working on them. 

  1. Which one is ideal for your website? 

There are different types of pop-up advertisement to include on your webpage. The classical one is the square window that appears in the center of your screen which tends to annoy customers a lot. This one will catch the customers attention right away, but it could also imply that they are obligated to buy something of your shop. Why don’t you try other options? Smaller pop-up designs on just one side of the screen could be even more effective and the potential customer will not feel forced to look at your ad. 

  1. Not just any pop-up works on every webpage! 

This type of advertisement should be in tune with your brand. Many pop-ups include whistle tones and bells, which tends to be irritating for a lot of potential customers and could even discourage them from buying anything off your store. Highlighting the CTA (call-to-action) is necessary, but if you go over the top it could be counterproductive. Sometimes simpler pop-up designs are more effective than others. 

  1. Use the branding’s colors and language 

Inside the digital marketing industry, visual impact is everything. Pop-ups should look like brand’s previous designs, using its distinctive colors and even typography. If you would like the pop-ups to be less irritating, using the calming colors such as blue and green could work too! These ads should approach the potential clients as they do in every other digital channel such as social medias and e-mail marketing. For example, if you would like your approach with the clients to be more informal, then keep up with that style and do not change this just for the pop-up. 

  1. Go straight to the point! 

Something that could be even more stressing for the clients it is an ad that is not clear. That is when clients decide to close the pop up without even looking what was written inside it. If what you are offering through the pop-up is help, then just be straightforward and precise with your words and make it understandable for everybody who reads it.  

Extra tip 

Remember to put the close button, even if you do not want people to close the add, because if it does not appear in one corner, people will get mad and the result could be them not coming back to your webpage ever again! 

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