Name Card Printing Importance

by Terrance Newt

It doesn’t matter if your business is large or small; name card printing is essential for your correspondence needs. A name card as the top most part of your letter is the first part of your letter to be seen by your reader, whether it is your business associate, clients, or prospects. Thus, it is critical to make your name card holds the amount of impact you need to impress them. A proper name card that’s properly design will give a professional image that supports your company, as it will also add more weight to the text it contains and more document authority. Although it seems trivial, it is not something you should overlook as a businessman. Catch more benefits of a business name card in the rest of this article below.

Name Card essentials

There are several things that must not be forgotten to include when creating a name card. These elements are:

  1. Company name – Display the name of your company or organization clearly, especially if the name is abbreviated in the logo. Minimize abbreviation as much as possible and make sure that your reader can clearly know how to address your company name
  2. Contact details – For ease of communication, include your company’s contact information as clear as possible. Phone number, office address, and even website address is the common essentials on name cards. This will make it easier for vendors to contact you at any time.
  3. Company color and logo – A logo can be placed anywhere on your name card. Although make sure that it doesn’t hinder the reader from the other information included on your name card. Have a company color that shows the organization’s identity for more recognizability.

What to avoid:

  1. Using more than two fonts – Use maximum of two types of font on your name card. Make sure that they represent your company and are able to convey the image you desire to build. Any more than two fonts in one name card will only ruin the balance of the name card design.
  2. Take up too much space – Although it is desirable for a name card to be catchy and impactful, remember not to overdo it. Be generous with its size and use the most of the allowed space.

Surely you can’t send out a proper business correspondence without an envelope. That’s why, envelope printing is also essential in order to complete the look of your letter. It heavily takes role in the professional image of your company. Match the design of your name card with its envelope so that your letter be deemed more serious and professional.

Make the most of the space on your envelope as well. Print it in colors and have the company logo and name embedded on it so that the receiver knows that your letter is official. Keep the design of your name card and envelope consistent also with other of your company’s stationery despite having slight adjustments. A personalized envelope with name card will also make it easier for the receiver to distinguish your male from many others in the stack.

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