Marketing in a Limited Budget? Stickers May Be Your Answer

by Jenny Fan

In any point of a business, marketing is needed. It is especially important for a newly started company or one that has just launched a new product. It needs exposure and the words need to reach potential customers in order to gain profit and get the businesses rolling. It is known that most marketing strategies are often expensive. This is usually a problem for businesses with a limited budget for marketing and advertising. If they can’t promote their product or service, it will be a problem because that way people won’t know about what the company has to offer. Businesses like this need a low-cost marketing alternative that is quick and effective. One of the best methods to get the business more known is by doing sticker printing in Singapore.

Cost-effective marketing

Custom sticker printing, in general, doesn’t cost much compared to making brochures and posters, the two other low-cost alternatives. Kiasu sticker printing is easy and stickers are versatile. You can use stickers for various types of marketing and publicity activities. Depending on how much you want to spend on it, the quality of stickers may vary. If you want to allocate more money into a higher-quality production, you will have better stickers that are durable and perhaps more enticing.

Sticker design

In order to create stickers that can fully fulfill its purposes, you must give your best efforts in making the best design as much as possible. It needs to be eye-catching and at the same time includes the necessary information that the recipients need where they can find out more information about what you promote.

Stickers are highly customizable so you can tweak with different shapes, different colors, different sizes, and try to include the right elements into your design. There are also different materials to choose from and a number of finishes that can enhance the final look of your stickers.

Sticker distribution

Once you have printed your stickers, you should try getting them around. There are a lot of different distribution methods you can try. For example, you can hand out your stickers as giveaways to pedestrians as they walk by. Try to talk them into what you are promoting and leave an impression toward them. With stickers, they can be more reminded of you and contact you using the information you include on it later on.

Stickers can also be given as freebies upon purchases. Or you can even make your stickers as coupon stickers so that your customers will be more interested in repurchasing your product in the near future. This way, they might even spread the words themselves, trying to inform their acquaintance about the promotion you have.

Another way you can attempt is to stick your printed stickers on several places that are usually crowded or the center of attraction where people would often see. Some people place their promotional stickers in elevators, for example, as people would get bored while waiting and end up reading what’s written on the sticker. However, you must make sure that you have the permission to stick your stickers on public places like so in order to avoid troubles.

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