Making a Common Seal in Singapore

by Angie Woo

A common seal maker used to be very important as it was the requirement for a document to be executed by a company. However, the importance of common seals reduced because the Singaporean law states that companies no longer have to use a common seal in order to authorize documents.

The decision about whether a company uses a common seal to authorize their documents lies in the hands of the director of the organization. They have the authority to make the rule. Supposedly, the company director’s signature is enough for a document to be appropriate and ready to be authorized even without the company seal. But a lot of company directors still understand that the company seal has many advantages that help their company to increase their propriety and give off the right image toward their clients or other business partners.

A company seal helps the organization to look more formal and proper. Compared to the only signature without a company seal, a document that has the mark of a company seal will look like it holds greater importance. Doing document execution appropriately this way can help your company build a pleasant image.

A company seal is also important in ensuring the authenticity of all documents that are authorized and executed by a company. Signature forgery is easy, but company seal forgery is not as simple. By formally authorizing the document, the company will imply that it is going to take full responsibility upon any decision taken in the document. Another benefit of a company seal is that it simply creates a more elegant look to your documents.

Acquiring Company Seal

In Singapore, there are a lot of ways to get a company seal for your company.

Before you make your order, you must first make sure that your company is officially registered with ACRA. By registering your company with the government, it means that your company is recognized legally. Upon registration, you will also receive a registration date that is important to be present in the company seal.

After making sure that all registration requirements and processes are complete, you can try finding a company seal manufacturer around your area or on the internet with the shipping option available. You can send them your design and have them review it, giving you feedback as well if necessary. After the two parties agreed upon the design, then the manufacturer can start making your company seal.

A company seal is usually made with a laser cutter machine that engraves the company name and other information on two metal plates. These two metal plates are the ones that create the mark of a company seal on a piece of paper. A company seal is affixed to a metal handle for easy use.

It doesn’t take long for a company seal to be made. Usually, it only takes several working days to be done. Although, there are some manufacturers that are able to complete the order within one day. Of course, this type of service requires more money. Depending on the urgency of your company, choose wisely as it affects the amount of money you have to pay for the order.

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