How to registers a company in Singapore?

by Ruan Obie

Singapore is considered as one of the simple places in the world to s begins a business. Though there is a lot of a process to follow for the registering it is quite easy and simple by the companies act. Here the guide provides best ideas about process and requirement of company registration in Singapore

 Company registration requirement:

If you are looking to register a company in Singapore which needs a minimum document such as?

  • One resident director
  • One shareholder
  • Both direct, as well as a shareholder, may be the same person
  • Company secretary

Select the business name:

It is important to choose company names which must be approved by the ACRA and other authorities. It has a number of the terms and conditions to choose the business names but you need to follow a few pertinent below

  • Names should be unique
  • The name need not hold obscenities
  • Need not use names which are reserved by government
  • Use brand online names

Define the principle of company:

At the time of the incorporation, then the user must submit SSIC code which is divided your business activity .hope you need to make use of the SSIC code to identify the company.

Document need of incorporation:

  • Company name and SSIC code
  • Details about business activities
  • Director and company secretary
  • Registered office address

 For resident:

  • Need a scanned copy of Singapore NRIC

For non – resident:

  • Business people need to have scanned copy of passport
  • Any bank statement
  • Banks need KYC document to open forms.

The Incorporation Process:

ECTA control whole process. With the presence of all document then you can simply go for registration can be completed in one day. Here are common things such

  • Name reservation
  • Register company

Certificated of Incorporation

Profile of company – the business profile hold major things such as the date of incorporation, register office address, principal activities, detail of both shareholders, company secretary, previous of incorporation

 Post incorporation process:

  • Share certificate  of all shareholder
  • Statutory register
  • Seal
  • Rubber stamp

Opening corporate bank account:

Though you have a bank account it is not acceptable when coming to company registration. Therefore you need to open account of the company names in Singapore.

Web service:

ECRA assist to register web domain and also set up email and another hosting account in a single day

Need business licenses:

Most of the business need to be licensed before an operation can begin and also example is certain financial services and recruiting, importers and much more. It will control all the application when it needed

Good and services tax registration:

Each company’s annual revenues are well expected to of SGD 1 million and you need to go for the register GST. All GST registered company must want to charge around 7% of the GST rate. Therefore you have to follow the above process for company registration in Singapore which gives hand for the customer to move forward without meeting any risk and trouble of it.

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