Integrate ERP With POS System To Access Real-Time Information

by Jenny Fan

Nowadays, every hospitality and retail company has been using the POS system. This system can able to help restaurants, retails, and hotels to calculate the day to day or monthly income and revenue. Even though it is performing well and makes the company earn more, but still, it is not able to achieve anything in terms of inventory, forecasting, channel, and supply management. Yet, many of the oldest POS application does not have an inventory and accounting feature in detail. This kind of process will create difficulty in identifying the account balances and stock inventory. So, at that time, it is better to integrate ERP with the POS system to access real-time information via Seenive.

There are two types of integration process will be available.

  • Real-time integration
  • Scheduler based integration

Real-time integration:

At the type of POS and ERP integration, users will consist of the access of database to the POS System like what Seenive is providing. With that, one can able to read the data via the database of the POS system and can able to create effective entries.

Scheduler based integration:

Here, the data sorted must be in the format of text or excel. Every POS system has been permitted to export the data in a certain file format. Via the data, one can able to integrate the data or particular process from one system to another system.

Various processes:

An across the board outcome implies information just must be gone into the system once, by one worker. Regardless of how the information is and in which group, regardless of whether they will have the determined required information, one can effectively integrate the two systems. This takes out the expenses of physically entering information into numerous systems and the related keying blunders. In this kind of integration they are continually attempting the keep all the required data in both the systems, so regardless of whether the client utilizes one stage to work the information from one system, they can see the impacts on the other one as well via Another zone of cost investment funds can be picked up from actualizing the software as a cloud outcome, which results in lower costs for the maintenance and disposes of the requirement for costly server equipment.

Just make use of this process. As a completely integrated, across the board outcome, ERP software makes it simple to separate data from the system for ongoing knowledge into business wellbeing. Because of this, the record individual can effectively distinguish the approaching and cordial of equalizations for benefit and misfortune. Data that is put away in the system can be maneuvered into reports that would then be able to be naturally sent to the fitting partners. In this sort of integrations, generally, the retailers have central issue mark for the security of information. Propelled revealing gives data to the management and deals groups so as to settle on brisk choices and assess regions of chance. This is particularly evident in businesses with numerous manual procedures and those getting off of basic and dissimilar systems.

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