Important Considerations You Have to Make Before Getting Your First Easel Stand

by Angie Woo

An aspiring artist? Have you gotten yourself an easel stand yet? If the answer to the question is no, then you should definitely consider getting a new one.  

Buying your first easel stand can be confusing, especially if you have completely zero ideas about the types of easel stands that you can get and the differences between each type. 

So, here’s a simple guide for you first-timers in getting an easel stand. 

Before we get into the types of easel stands that you can choose, first, ask yourself these questions: 

  • What medium do you work with? 
  • Is your working area spacious? 
  • Do you have to move around from places to places as you work occasionally? 

Answering these questions will get you the basic information that is important for the consideration as you are getting your easel stand. 

Now, let’s learn about the types of easel stands you can get. 

1. A-frame Easel Stand 

The A-frame easel stand is sometimes known as lyre easel stand or tripod easel stand because it has three legs supporting it, making it look like a tripod. This is one of the most commonly used types of easel stand because it is affordable and highly convenient. It is quite perfect for beginners especially ones who don’t have much working space and would have to fold and store the easel stand or transport it to work elsewhere. The A-frame easel stand is lightweight, so it is very easy to handle on your own. 

2. H-frame Easel Stand 

If you prefer an easel stand that is sturdy, then you will have to expect an easel stand that is quite heavy, much like the H-frame easel stand. It is best suited for artists who are vigorous, but it requires a spacious working place because it is not as convenient and easy to handle as the A-frame easel stand. 

3. Table Top Easel Stand 

If you are working on even smaller space and would like to work on your table, then consider this one. This is definitely light yet decently sturdy, and the best advantage of this easel stand is that it is one of the most compact types of easel stand so it’s very easy to carry anywhere. 

4. Single Mast Easel Stand 

If you are looking for a cheap easel stand that comes with good quality, then try to consider a single mast easel stand. This easel stand is usually better suited for art students and absolute novices. The frame of this easel stand is light so it is even less sturdy than the A-frame easel, but it can still hold even up to medium-sized canvases so it can be a good easel stand for practice and early in your career. 

There are more types of easel stands out there that are available to purchase, but these are one of the most popular ones that are often used by people. Match the advantages and disadvantages of each easel stand type with your needs and requirements, make an order for your easel stand as soon as possible.

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