How to Make Eye Catching Advertising Banner With 3 Simple Tips

by Hannah Tam

If you’re looking for a cheap marketing and advertising alternative that does not require too much effort, then one of the best tools that are perfect for you is an outdoor banner printing in Singapore. It is useful in gaining more customers for you without you having to actually be there are work yourself out to reach people individually. A banner can just be there and do the job for you, reaching the right target audience that you prefer, all day all night.

However, in order for it to be effective in its work, you have to make sure that the design of your banner really stands out and is able to grab people’s attention as they pass by. This can be quite tricky, as people don’t usually spend too much time reading a banner. You have to make each glance count. How to do that? Well, here are several tips that may help you create an outstanding banner for your advertising and marketing efforts.

1. Choose Vibrant Colors

Don’t be plain and basic. Add some splash of colors onto the design of your banner. Ideally, a banner’s color should be strong and vivid so that it really pops out. Choosing colors that stand out and really captures the interest of people’s eyes is one of the easiest ways to make a banner strong and effective.

Keep in mind that you can’t just pick any color. You have to consider the lighting that your banner will get. Since it isn’t a billboard advertisement, there will be no custom lighting for it. Thus, it relies on natural lighting. The colors you choose must be able to be seen easy under all light levels, whether it is bright or dark since your banner is going to be there for twenty-four hours a day. The color of your banner can’t be too bright during the day and can’t be too dark during the night. Find a good balance in between.

You also have to maintain a good color contrast between the background color and the text color. If you are choosing a color that leans more toward the dark, then the text color should be light. It goes the other way around as well. This way, people will find it easier to read what’s written on your banner since the text is going to be displayed well against the background color.

2. Consider Simple Fonts

Don’t make the mistake of using overly fancy fonts that people still do. Why is it not good? Well, overly stylized fonts tend to be difficult to read. They make the content of your banner confusing to understand and they may cause misunderstanding. It is a lot better to choose a font that is simple and easy to read to avoid the ineffective delivery of the content of your banner. Rather than trying to use fancy fonts, try to be stronger with the choice of words you use for your banner.

3. Content

The content of the banner should be kept simple and concise. Despite having a large space, you should avoid cluttering it with too many words. People don’t spend too much time reading your banner as they usually would only pass by and spend a few seconds catching the content of your banner. That’s why you need to be able to keep it compact and easy to grasp within seconds.

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