Basic Tips for Better Banner Design

by Jenny Fan

Have you ever considered to use an outdoor banner for a cheap marketing alternative? An outdoor banner may not seem like an effective way to market and advertise, however, it is in fact, a pretty useful tool that can really help you to gain more customers. What’s great about it is that it does not cost a lot, and you nearly don’t have to put in extra effort to advertise with it. Simply put a roll-up banner in a place you want, and let it work for you for twenty-four hours a day for a whole week. You can sit back and enjoy the work that your banner does for you.

However, a banner can only be great if it is designed in a good way. Many people don’t put a lot of thought into their banner design, and this isn’t right. If you want to successfully advertise with a banner, your banner design is your main asset. To find out more visit,

Here are several tips that you should keep in mind if you wish to make your own banner.

1. Color

A banner should come colorful. Choosing vibrant colors for your banner can really help you to make it pop. With bright colors, people will be able to notice it easier wherever it is. However, you have to be careful in choosing the right color. The color of your banner must be visible even under bright lights, and it also still has to be able to be seen under low lights. To put it simply, your banner must be always visible under all light levels. Since a banner will be there all day, it needs to always be able to do its job whenever it is seen, under any circumstances. Remember to also pay attention to the contrast between all chosen colors, especially between the background and font. If the font is light, then the background must be dark. If a background is light, then the font must be light. This will help the content of your banner to stand out more as well as making sure that it is easy to read.

2. Font

Choosing the wrong font is one of the most popular mistakes that people do. It is true that a banner needs to be able to attract people’s attention, but it does not mean that it should be done by choosing an over-stylized font. This kind of font only causes confusion and most of the time it will discourage people from reading the sentence displayed on the banner. So, you have to choose a font that is simple and appropriate so that it is easy to read. If a banner can be read easily, it means that it is closer to be able to deliver the marketing message in an effective way.

3. Concise

To further ensure that a banner is effective in conveying its important messages, the points of the advertising must be put in a simple and concise way. People don’t usually enjoy reading long sentences, so try to keep them short so that people can grasp the main idea of the banner quickly and easily.

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