Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Before Making a Sticker

by Hannah Tam

You can’t make a sticker all of sudden without any preparation. You need some consideration before you can make and have the real one. If you wonder about the things you need to prepare and consider before making a sticker, just keep reading! Here are a few questions you can ask yourself as a consideration and preparation before making a sticker. 

1. What is the Purpose of Making It? 

Ensuring the purpose before you make it is important. The purpose can be varied depend on every person. Perhaps you want to make it as a decoration, for the political campaign, or even for the marketing purpose. By knowing the reason behind your action, it will help you to create the proper sticker that fits with your need. 

2. What do You Want to Present? 

After knowing the purpose, its time to ask yourself about the point you want to present on your sticker. That’s crucial since you can make an impression through it. Whether a professional or even a creative, you can express any impression on it. So, you have a responsibility to understand what you want to deliver to the people on your sticker. You can consider delivering the impression by choosing the right color and design. Moreover, you can consider adding the slogan or motto too. 

Note: the colors can help you present what you want to show. Find out which color will match you perfectly. 

3. How About the Type and Size of the Sticker? 

The sticker is not only available in one size and one type. Several types of stickers are including UV stickers, reverse printed stickers, white backing stickers, transparent stickers, and more. Choose the best type that fits your needs and purpose. Besides, you have to estimate the size of your sticker because from small to large sizes stickers are available. By deciding the type and size of the sticker, you can estimate the price you will spend on it. 

4. Do You Prefer to Design It by Yourself or Hire the Designer? 

So, you have already known the purpose and things to show, then you can begin to make the design for your sticker. You can design it by using some of the applications such as Adobe, Corel, or any other apps you have mastered. If you choose to design it by yourself, you can be freer to create and experiment with your stickers. But if you’re confused about how to design it, having no idea about operate the apps, or you don’t have the time to design it on your own, don’t be worry since you have another alternative. You can hire a designer to help you design your sticker. Don’t forget to prepare an extra budget if you hire a designer. 

Note: Make sure you inform the designer about the details. 

5. Where Do You Want to Print the Sticker? 

Now the last thing that important and must be considered is the quality of the printing. This is important since a good design will be nothing when your sticker doesn’t have good quality printing. You can consider printing the sticker independently, but if you are in doubt about your printing quality or your sticker has a large format, you should find the trusted Sticker Printing service. But be careful because not all sticker printing services are good. So, just choose the specialist and experienced one to help you make the real sticker! 

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