5 Things That Can Ruin Your Poster Stand

by Jenny Fan

I’m pretty sure that you already know what a poster stand is. Yes, a poster stand is a medium used to store information. This information can be in the form of promotions and other things. The word ‘stand’ itself comes from a cylindrical object formed by X. The ‘letter’ X has four ends which will then be attached to the poster with a portrait position. 

There are many benefits that a poster stand has, in addition to being easy to move, easy to make and an affordable price. If you want to make a poster stand, then you need to consider the following things. These things will prevent you from cluttering up your poster. Want to know more? Get to know the following tips to find out what things you should avoid. 

1. Not Putting Information in the Right Order 

When you are going to make a poster, you need to ensure that the product/service has key information that will attract the attention of the readers. To do this, you must first write down all the things that are the selling points of the product/service that you are going to convey. After doing this, then you can choose which one is your strength, then put the information first, the rest follows below. 

2. Does Not Use Any Colour 

Poster or anything in the public/open space, most of them has a colour, even if it’s only one or two colours. Why is that? This aims to attract the attention of the audience or people in general who see it. Not using colour at all is possible, but it makes your audience pay less attention to his or her surroundings. Therefore, you need to consider using this colour to match the overall aesthetic of your brand. 

3. Clutter the Layout 

Make sure you know where you will store the information on the poster stand. You also have to know that you need to arrange a neat text placement layout. This aims to make it easy for the audience to read the key information presented in the poster. Imagining and being creative is a very good thing, especially if it is balanced with your ability to organize text and image layouts well. 

4. Doesn’t Ask for Inputs. 

When you already have some reference poster design, then you should ask how it went to colleagues, friends, relatives, spouses, friends, and others. This is because they will function as the audience/potential customers who will see and buy your product/service. If you don’t ask their opinion, how do you know if your poster is good, informative, and pleasing to the eye? So make sure you ask their opinion. 

5. Just Do it and Let Go 

Doing something unprepared may only apply to some events, such as an unexpected disaster. Other than that, pretty much everything can be prepared, included in making posters. As simple as preparing a budget and design is one form of preparation, which will contribute to the success of your poster. So make sure you prepare well. Good luck. 

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