3 Types of Postcards You Can Print for Mail Marketing

by Jenny Fan

For a lot of years, postcards have been very important in the marketing world. It is indeed a type of traditional marketing that seems outdated, but it is still often used. A postcard can be beneficial for advertising, providing market reports, or simply as a way to get in touch with existing customers or clients. As long as direct mail still exists, a postcard printing will always find a way to reach customers and bring a return of investment to companies or businesses. 

Now, if you are also interested in marketing using postcards, here are five types of postcards that you should be aware of for your mail marketing campaign. 

1. Regular Type Postcard 

The regular postcard is the one that you’re probably most familiar of. It has a friendly size of 4.25 inches x 5.6 inches that are absolutely best for mailing. It requires only basic printing, so it is highly efficient and affordable at the same time. Also, it doesn’t require any extra charges for mailing since it is in a standard size. Regular postcards’ potential can be maximized by great use of call to action sentence along with minimalistic design and a great layout that makes it look uncluttered. Since it is a small-sized postcard, you can’t convey much with this. If you want to deliver more messages using a postcard, you need to print other types of postcards as follows. 

2. Extra Large Postcard 

The extra-large or jumbo postcard comes in the size of 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches. It is an upgrade in size compared to the regular postcard. It is quite significantly bigger, yet not too big for the postal service. It is a great size if you want to deliver more messages using your postcard but want to avoid looking like you’re overdoing it. Since you have more space with this postcard, you can include high-quality images, choose vibrant colors, and include multiple contact information including social media accounts. It is still an affordable option, however better since you have smaller restrictions in regards to canvas size. For extra-large postcards, it is best that you send it with bulk mailing service which can save you some money. 

3. Block Postcard 

If you want to go even bigger, choose this one. The block postcard comes in a size of 6.125 inches x 8.25 inches. Slightly bigger, and definitely more spacious. It can include multiple large photos, more information, even your personal photo, and also a company logo. What’s even better about this is that you can include all of the mentioned design elements on one side. That makes the backside open for contact information or extra thing that you need to say to your clients or customers. The best way to print block postcard is by using a provocative image on the front to pique people’s interest. All you have to do is deliver a strong call to action, and your phone will definitely ring in no time. 

So, how did you like the three types of postcards you can print for mail marketing? Try to experiment with them to know which one is the best fit for your campaign. 

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