3 Reasons Why Sending Printed Greeting Cards for Christmas Is Such A Good Idea!

by Jenny Fan

Christmas is a day of joy that is always awaited by many people every year. Many traditions that make people love Christmas, from decorating the Christmas tree, preparing gifts to put under the tree, having special meals, and meeting with relatives or family. Also, don’t forget about one more Christmas tradition, sending Christmas greeting cards to people you love and care for.  

Sending greeting cards at Christmas was basically a tradition in England in early 19th-century. Until now, the tradition of sending Christmas cards still exist and practised by many people. But since technology is involved the way we contact each other, today people are separated into two categories when it comes to sending Christmas cards. The first one, since a plethora of social media, a lot of people send their virtual Christmas greeting cards via social media. However, for the second group, they still follow the Christmas tradition to send the printed Christmas card to their family and relatives. But, why the second group choose to send printed Christmas cards? What are the benefits of that? To find out the reason why, here are some points that might help you to understand that! 

1. Stay Connected with The People You Love and Care! 

By sending printed greeting cards, you can keep connected with your family, friends, or even your high-school teacher. There is no rule that you should send the card only to people you rarely see. Sending the cards to maintain good relations can also be done even with people who you often meet, such as your co-workers or maybe your neighbours. Sending them greeting cards for Christmas not only keeps the relationship good but also shows that you are love and care for them!   

2. Printed Christmas Greeting Cards Are More Personal 

Compared to sending virtual cards on social media, the printed one feels more personal. So, this is kind of just you and the recipient. With your handwriting, the person reading your card will likely feel that you made the card wholeheartedly just for them. So, that is why printed Christmas cards are more memorable than the virtual ones.  

Note: You can make your card more personal by making your own greeting cards. You can create the design and show your character on it, or ask a professional to design yours. But for the last step or printing, make sure you print the card with a high-quality print to produce great results. You can go to a greeting card printing service to make sure that your card prints well compared to when you print your card design at home. 

3. It’s Christmas And It’s Special! 

People love something instant and simple, which is why today we find that people congratulate or greet others on social media, even on special occasions. However, sending people you love and care printed Christmas cards can create even more smiles! Those who receive cards must feel even more special because sending printed Christmas cards requires more effort, time, and money. So, by sending printed cards, you can make Christmas even more special to other people’s hearts.

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